Even chewing gum has lots of side effects

Besides some of good effects of the chewing gum among them increasing saliva production and freshing up the breath, this process has multiple side effects:

  1. You will be less willing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, since eating these right away after chewing gum will taste bitter. You will be tempted to eat more junk food than healthy food.
  2. TMJ pain: chewing mostly on one side can provoke muscular imbalance, TMJ disorders, earaches and even teeth aches due to a constant low level of traumatic chewing forces.
  3. Digestive problems due to constantly swallowing small amounts of air which will decrease the digestive efficiency and bloating.
  4. You can get cavities if your chewing gum contains sugar, it is like you constantly coat your teeth with a thin pellicle of sugar.
  5. Sheep byproducts: chewing gums contain lanolin( a substance from sheep wool) which makes it soft, and while is not dangerous for you, makes the taste not very pleasant especially if you chew the gum for a few hours in a row.
  6. Releasing mercury vapours: there are studies showing that chewing gum increases the release of mercury vapours from the amalgam fillings.

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