How to manage teeth sensitivity

  1. Visit your family dentist regularly. At your check up and dental cleaning appointment Dr Dinca will assess your teeth for possible wear patern which may make your teeth sensitive. If you miss your back teeth and they are not replaced by implants or partial dentures, you will use only the front teeth to chew, thus the teeth will wear down and will become too sensitive due to being exposed to too many chewing forces. Dr Dinca can discuss with you different replacement options for your missing teeth.
  2. Avoid or eat less often acidic foods like tomatoes, lemons and oranges, since they irritate the already sensitive teeth.
  3. Control the intake of tea and coffee, because they can increase your teeth sensitivity. If you cannot cut back on your daily amounts of coffee and tea, you can try diluting some of your coffee and tea drinks with water or milk to reduce their acidity.
  4. Look for tooth pastes and mouth washes with fluoride content, since fluoridation will strengthen the teeth enamel and decrease the sensitivity. Stanous fluoride has a good effect in treating teeth sensitivity. Dr Dinca will advice you in regards to the type of tooth paste you can use for an optimal dental health.
  5. If cold water annoys your teeth, simply use warm water when you brush your teeth.

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