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Dr Monica Dinca

When Monica was a small girl living in Romania, she had yearly visits to a wonderful dentist who was amazing with kids. She loved going for check-ups and told her parents that one day she would be a dentist.

And she did just that. After being trained as a dentist in Romania, she came to Canada in 2002 and went back to university here to re-certify herself to Canadian Dental standards.

She spent a few years working in the Hamilton area, but when a dentist in the Sheppard East Village was looking to sell his long-time practice, Monica decided to buy it and begin her dream. She likes the fact that all the same hygienists and staff were able to stay for consistency. "I’m the only new one around here", says Monica laughing.

"I have only been in the area a few short months, I live and work here. I love the multi-cultural aspect of the area and look forward to trying all the different restaurants."

She says her job is very rewarding. She talks of a young man that came to her and said that his brother told him he didn’t like his teeth because they had big spaces between them. Dr Dinca was able to re-create a beautiful new smile for the man and could see the joy written all over his face.

"I am a perfectionist and I am meticulous in my work." She says, "And I have lots of patience with my patients at Brimley Dental Centre."

Sounds like a great combination. Feel free to stop by and welcome Monica to the neighbourhood.

Monica likes to share her Sheppard and remind everyone to floss.


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