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Digital x-rays

At Brimley Dental Center, we are concerned about minimizing the amount of radiation you receive. That’s why we use digital x-rays. They offer the advantage of an 80 percent reduction in radiation, no need for film or processing chemicals, production of a nearly instantaneously image, and the ability to use colour contrast in the image.

Laughing gas

Laughing gas is an odorless and colorless gas, officially known as nitrous oxide or N2O. For patients who get uptight or squeamish before or during dental treatment, this commonly used sedative and anti-anxiety agent can help promote a sense of relaxation, calm and general well-being.

Infection control

Our sterilizers are tested daily with special biological indicators to insure that our patients receive dental care in the safest environment possible. We strictly follow the RCDSO guidelines for infection prevention and control in the dental office.

Dental materials

We use in our office the newest and the best dental materials available on the market today. We only use white filling materials because of its life-like properties and ability to bond to the tooth. Although safe, amalgams have shown to cause more tooth cracks due to the metallic tendency to expand in a warm environment.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral camera allows you to be an active partner in the dental treatment by enabling you to see what we see inside of your mouth. With a clear understanding of your dental conditions you’ll be able to make treatment decisions with confidence.

Cordless curing light

This modern curing light maximizes curing power of the deep fillings and by its small size offers a maximum patient comfort.


Dental implants can provide you with a better quality of life.

When you're missing many or all of your teeth, you want a dental solution that is customized just for you, returns your smile quickly and reduces your time in the dental office.

With nSequence Implant-Supported Replacement Teeth through Immediate Loading and Guided Surgery:

  • You have fewer appointments than traditional dental implant methods - Four appointments as compared to eight*.
  • Surgery time is shortened because your case is planned out in advance.
  • You go home with a same-day smile that is customized just for you.

*Not all people are candidates for implant therapy. Speak to your dentist to see if dental implants are right for you. Number of appointments may vary.

Curaprox Interdental Brushes

Available in five sizes ranging from o.6mm to 1.1mm, Curaprox interdental brushes are the answer to caring properly for the hard-to-care-for interdental space (the space between your teeth). Flossing often isn't enough to eliminate all hidden build-up in this space so the use of Curaprox is an excellent addition to your oral healthcare routine.

Our dentists at Brimley Dental is pleased to be a resource and retailer for Curaprox interdenal brushes. Please make sure to go through a consultation to determine the correct size for you to use.

Digital x-rays Scarborough


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